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Since the late 1960s an enormous amount of information has been published on the subject of decorative tiles and architectural ceramics. Below are listed some of the many studies in the field.


More recent publications

Gillian Crumpton (ed.), The John Scott Tile Collection, Pitkin Publishing, 2017

Sally Embree and John Stewart, Earth, Brick & Terracotta, 2 Vols. (with a special chapter on tiles), Historic England, 2015

Hans van Lemmen, 5000 Years of Tiles, British Museum Press, October  2013. 




Alun Graves, Tiles and Tilework (V&A Publications, London, 2002)

Hans van Lemmen, Tiles in Architecture (Laurence King, London, 1993)

Tony Herbert and Kathy Huggins, The Decorative Tile (Phaidon, London, 1995)

Lynn Pearson, Tile Gazetteer - A Guide to British Tile and Architectural Ceramics Locations (Richard Dennis, 2005)

Noel Riley, Tile Art – A History of Decorative Ceramic Tiles (Quintet, London, 1987)

Medieval Tiles

Ian M. Betts, Medieval ‘Westminster’ floor tiles (MoLAS Monograph 11) (Museum of London, London, 2002).
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Middle Eastern and Far Eastern Tiles

John Carswell and C. J. F. Dowsett, Kutahya Tiles and Pottery from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James in Jerusalem (Oxford University Press, 1972).

Arthur Millner, Damascus Tiles – Mamluk and Ottoman Architectural Ceramics from Syria (Prestel Publishing, London, 2015)

Arthur Millner, Indian Tiles – Architectural Ceramics from Sultanate and Mughal India and Pakistan (Prestel Publishing, London, 2021)

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Douglas Pickett, Early Persian Tilework – The Medieval Flowering of Kashi (Associated University Presses, Cranbury, London,Mississauga, 1997).

Venetia Porter, Islamic Tiles (British Museum Press, London, 1995).


Dutch and English Delftware Tiles

Michael Archer, Delftware (Victoria and Albert Museum, 1997).
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Andrew Skelton, ‘The Carshalton Water Tower Tiled Bath – a study in Anglo-Dutch tiles’, TACS Journal, 7 (1998), pp31-4.

Victorian and Edwardian Tiles

Rosamond Allwood, Victorian Tiles (Exhibtion Catalogue Wolverhanpton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, 1978).
Mark Anders, Burmantofts Architectural Faience, in Burmantofts Pottery, (Bradford Art Galleries and Museums, Bradford, 1983), pp28-37.
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American Tiles

Frank Giorgini, Hand Made Tiles (Lark Books, Asheville, 1994)
Norman Karlson, American Art Tile 1876-1941 (Rizzoli, New York, 1998).
Ronald G. Pisano, The Tile Club  and the Aesthetic Movement in America (Harry N. Abrams, Inc., in association with the Museums at Stony Brook, 1999).
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Susan Tunick, Terra-Cotta Skyline (Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 1997).

Twentieth Century Tiles

Katie Arber, Patterns for Post-war Britain – the tile designs of Peggy Angus (Middlesex University Press, London, 2002).
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Architectural Ceramics

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Tile Conservation

Lesley Durbin, Architectural Tiles: Conservation and Restoration (Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004).
Jane Fawcett, ed, Historic Floors: Their History and Conservation  (Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 1998).
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Tile Repair

Repairing Old China and Ceramic Tiles (Ebury Press, London, 1985


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